Digitisation support

The traditional areas of mechanical engineering are also becoming increasingly digital. On the one hand, in order to live up to the leadership claim of German mechanical engineering and, on the other hand, to integrate the advantages and opportunities into their own processes and products in the best possible way or to create new product fields. This can be done step by step, but also sometimes in one leap. In both cases, innovative spirit, motivation and above all perseverance are required!


I started my professional life in a completely offline world and have been able to experience many developments and changes over the last 30 years (not all of which were really purposeful or ecological) and I am looking forward to being able to help shape future developments as well!

In addition, due to my many years of private and business practice in the field of hardware and software solutions, I can draw on a wide range of experience, which enables me to approach tasks with a certain calm and level-headedness! I understand the language of IT as well as the language of your specialists in mechanical and plant engineering. 

No matter whether you need competent and, if necessary, only temporary support in communication, as a multiplier or in the implementation phase for new (digitisation) projects, products or a system change (e.g. ERP), I look forward to your challenge!