Mike Rickmann

Creativity is intelligence having fun.


New ideas, developments and technologies have always excited me and through these I have learned that you always have to change or change your perspective in order to grow in the task or in the team.


Today, in addition to the rapid development in technology, the ecological aspect is fortunately also coming more and more into focus. I try to combine both in my private and business life and always look forward to exciting challenges.


Whether as an industrial mechanic, mechanical technician or industrial engineer, I always wanted to keep practical experience! With this goal and the ability to think outside the box, I supplemented my practical knowledge with two in-service training courses after my dual vocational training and worked successfully for many years in a textile machine construction company until I took the opportunity to realise my dream of self-employment in 2021.


Thanks to my many years of experience as a group and department manager in the field of development and design in mechanical / mechatronic engineering, I can look back on many challenges, hurdles and stumbling blocks, but of course also on many opportunities and successes. These allow me to say: "You never stop learning!" and "There are always new challenges that have to be mastered! However, this can often only be mastered with an enormous effort and can only function sustainably if the right staff is available at the right time and in the right place.


I look forward to working with you on beneficial economic and ecological projects and challenges to shape today and preserve an environment worth living in for future generations!

Hardware: Mobile CAD workstation 17", tablet,0%
CAD Permanent: Siemens-NX (Mach1)0%
CAD as required: Creo, Cadia V50%
Calculation software: Mdesign (Techn., Mech., Shaft)0%
Collaboration: Trello, Asana, Miro, Teams, Zoom...0%
Office: MS 3650%
3D Print: SLA (130x78x160)0%
3D scan: In planning0%

One step at a time

No two projects are alike and depending on the challenge and goal, each phase can be used as an entry point.

  • 01 idea

    the beginning of any innovation, new challenge or change

  • 02 Concept

    from a hand sketch to a model-based prototype - all in the context of the task.

  • 03 Development

    targeted preparation depending on the requirement profile and task

  • 04 Implementation

    Implementing or supporting the realisation

  • 05 Test / Handover

    Test, handover, training or also further coaching depending on the need

Current memberships, training and further education



CertificateCourse Sponge City

Certified Scrum Master