To achieve your goals, you often have to take risks and try new things! Or as Einstein already recognised:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

In order not to tread water here and to show new perspectives, I offer you the following services:

Engineering and consulting

From the first idea to the finished construction: In order to be one step ahead technologically or also not to lose touch with certain topics, you sometimes have to jump over your shadow! External and flexible support can make a lot of things easier here and help to keep the balance. Thanks to my many years of interdisciplinary experience in mechanical and plant engineering, I am able to react in a targeted manner to a wide variety of challenges.


Technical project management

Is a major technology project in the starting blocks or has your project changed during its duration? Are you struggling to organise a technology-intensive project with in-house technical staff without the day-to-day tasks getting bogged down, or is the project manager fully occupied with administrative tasks and could use savvy, tech-savvy support?

If any of these points apply, I can offer you exactly the right one!


Digitisation support

The traditional areas of mechanical engineering are also becoming increasingly digital. On the one hand, in order to live up to the leadership claim of German mechanical engineering and, on the other hand, to integrate the advantages and opportunities into their own processes and products in the best possible way or to create new product fields. This can be done step by step, but also sometimes in one leap. In both cases, innovative spirit, motivation and above all perseverance are required! 


Technical change management

Technical changes or system conversions require short-term and limited additional capacities in order to cope with the additional workload caused by the change.


In the context of the desired change, I can offer you both flexible and forward-looking temporary support from a technical perspective and with my finger on the pulse of the times through my experience and further training.