Design Manager Forum 2022 Würzburg

Design Manager Forum 2022 Würzburg

On 21.09.2022 I was able to attend the Design Manager Forum in Würzburg. It was an all-around well-organized event and in combination, with the production manager forum taking place at the same time, there was no boredom.

It was possible to obtain interdisciplinary information both at the exhibitors' stands in the production managers' forum about innovations and in the design managers' forum area about new software tools for developments. 

There was interesting information about the current possibilities of part search and common part recognition e.g. from the companies CADENAS Technologies AG or simus systems. 

In the area of cloud- or platform-based development and design tools, visitors could learn more about Onshape, Fusion360 or Elise GmbH's software either through presentations or at the booth.

A strong focus was on the area of simulation, partly also driven by the shortage of skilled workers. There was talk about a "democratization of simulation" and what tools or possibilities are currently available from the well-known companies Comsol, CADFEM and Mdesign, as well as new possibilities from the company Endego from Poland.

In short, it was a well-filled program in a top-class environment and definitely worth the visit. If you want to know more about it you can also contact me.