Engineering and consulting

From the first idea to the finished construction: In order to be one step ahead technologically or also not to lose touch with certain topics, you sometimes have to jump over your shadow! External and flexible support can make a lot of things easier here and help to keep the balance. Thanks to my many years of interdisciplinary experience in mechanical and plant engineering, I am able to react in a targeted manner to a wide variety of challenges.

No matter what phase your project is in, I can offer you the right support from idea generation to conception to the finished design. I work with modern creative techniques, such as design thinking, as well as with classic product development methods, depending on what seems to be most effective in the individual case.

My area of responsibility can include the development of solutions or the further development of existing concepts. I can also support you in the creation of specifications, 3D models or finished production or assembly drawings (including all standard parts). Your direct customer specifications, goals or "guard rails" serve as the basis for this.

In the context of digitisation projects, the transfer of concepts into functional 3D models, if necessary or useful also using 3D scanning technology or reverse engineering as well as additive manufacturing, can form a further building block. This visualisation or rendering for presentations is a very good way to give your end users or stakeholders a better understanding!